Moladi Tanzania building individual houses

Due to high demand and inquiries from individuals, we are pleased to announce that Moladi Tanzania have started building individual houses and will continue to cater for mass housing projects.

moladi kitchen
moladi Kitchen
Moladi houses are aerated mortar (concrete without stone) houses which are very durable, affordable and socially acceptable, the walls are certified 24Mpa which are 6 times stronger than the normal brick.

moladi bathroom
moladi Bathroom
Prices starts from Tshs 35 millions for a standard 78sq/m finished house like the one on the picture, a house built for an individual can be finished within a month from the construction starting date.
moladi plan
moladi Plan View
 Please feel free to visit the sample house which is located at Wazo Hill close to Twiga cement factory at any time.

For further enquiries please contact us on;


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