Develop entrepreneurs who create jobs food producing homes

Develop entrepreneurs who create jobs and food producing homes

Train-the-unemployed - moladi

Develop entrepreneurs who create jobs and food producing homes

Let's get fundamental needs and essential priorities defined – First FOOD second SHELTER (producing food and shelter creates jobs). Third - Convert work, production and product into money.   Much further down the line from these fundamental BOP needs are apps for mobile phones including Mobile Money – We focus on creating product at the BOP, combined with economic development, creating jobs and transferring skill.

Decent housing is one of the key factors in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. It is not just about putting a roof over someone’s head. Academic research proves that access to a clean and stable home implicates an improvement in security, health and education.

How to build a community in a month

The moladi construction system is as much about filling the basic need of housing as it is about creating sustainable entrepreneurs.
What if we told you the solution to the 25% national unemployment statistic (36% youth unemployment) and the million-plus housing backlog was already in our back yard? And what if we told you jobless, unskilled South Africans could become entrepreneurs in the house building sector and be able to build homes in their communities at a fraction of the cost and in less than a week?
What would you say if we told you there is a company that is not only prepared to certify you, but to empower you too and give you a market, technology and the opportunity to grow personally and professionally?
Moladi, a South African based company established in 1986, makes housing accessible to low-income people through innovative and eco-friendly technology

The Moladi system consists of a reusable and recyclable plastic formwork mould, which is filled with stone-less concrete and a special non-toxic water based admixture used in concrete. This admixture ensures that, once the mortar is set, the formwork can be removed – and reused up to 50 times. According to the founder Hennie Botes, the brickless walls can withstand all types of weather. The formwork is lightweight allowing easy transportation. Due to the simplicity in design and the repetitive application scheme, construction costs can be reduced significantly. The Moladi model is not only cost-effective but fast, to: Botes comments that the wall structure of a house can be completed within one day. A further plus point, especially in remote areas, is that the construction does not require heavy machinery or electricity.

With the motto “Train the unemployed to build for the homeless” Moladi combines construction with economic development. The company offers training locally for the unemployed thereby creating jobs and empowering the community as a whole. Due to the simplicity of the approach, construction techniques and skills can be transferred in a short time. In this way, the communities benefit from affordable shelter and skilled entrepreneurs (in the area of low-cost housing) at the same time. Moladi’s success in over 20 countries shows that affordable housing is an important key in finding solutions to promoting security and alleviating poverty.

moladi in Namibia

Concrete Roof Tile Production System - Roof tiles produced on Site

Concrete roof tiles produced on site
Concrete roof tile - Produced on Site

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