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Invention Creates - Innovation Solves - moladi


moladi patented, reusable injection moulded formwork system that has been Invented and developed to streamline the cumbersome qualities, and the many  inefficiencies, associated with traditional timber and steel formwork as well as other alternative building methods.
With the emphasis of the moladi innovative technology being on quality and efficiency, the  moladi formwork has been specifically designed to benefit the end user with its unique simplicity.  The moladi formwork is a comprehensive system  that is entirely boltless, freestanding, and does not require the need for struts or bracing and is  produced to the highest quality standards with an  unlimited production capacity. moladi is unique in  that it represents the most advanced alternative  building solution with a proven track record and  years of experience in the construction industry.
We provide a body of knowledge that has inspired and lead the way for the development of numerous subsequent ulterior solutions.  The patented injection moulded formwork is lightweight and  robust, weighing 8kg/m, that allows for easy  transportation and the speedy assembly of components.
The precision components  are fully interlocking and any dimensional adjustments to the desired structure can  be made with little effort. The modular components are assembled into easy to  handle panels which are configured into a mould of the desired structure. These panels are joined to form wall configurations of any desired length and height with a wall cavity of either 100mm or 150mm.  Once the assembly of the panels are complete, it does not need to be repeated. The formwork panels can be re-used 50 times; making  the technology cost effective due to its repetitive application scheme, reducing the cost of construction and transportation significantly. 
The steel reinforcing, window and door block-outs, conduits and other fittings are positioned prior to the wall cavity being filled with  the mortar mix. The result is a wall with a smooth off-shutter finish that does not require any plastering,  beam filling or chasing. Once the pre-assembled formwork panels have been removed they can be  immediately re-erected on an adjoining site to be used on a repetitive basis; again saving valuable  time in the construction process. 
The moladi technology is not dependant on skilled labour to assemble, erect, fill or strip and en- ables community involvement in the construction of their own homes. It brings to the field of con- struction all the benefits of a factory assembly line; quality assured work by unskilled labourers at a maximum rate of production with a high production output capacity.
The moladi technology is versatile in that it is easily adaptable to the specified design requirements and is suitable for all  types of buildings, yet highly suited for use in repetitive housing schemes. This alleviates many of the logistical problems facing the construction of affordable repetitive housing projects. By utilizing indigenous materials the benefits of the technology are spread to local communities

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