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The Moladi system consists of a reusable and recyclable plastic concrete forms as a mold, which is filled with mortar (stone-less concrete) and a special chemical additive. This framework can be removed and reused up to 50 times. According to the founder Hennie Botes, the brickless walls can withstand all types of weather. 

The formwork is lightweight allowing easy transportation. Due to the simplicity in design and the repetitive application scheme, construction costs can be reduced significantly. The Moladi model is not only cost-effective but fast too. The wall structure of a house can be completed within one day. A further plus point, especially in remote areas, is that the construction does not require heavy machinery or electricity.

With the motto “
Train the unemployed to build for the homeless” Moladi combines construction with economic development. The company offers training locally for the unemployed thereby creating jobs and empowering the community as a whole. Due to the simplicity of the approach, construction techniques and skills can be transferred in a short time. In this way, the communities benefit from affordable shelter and skilled entrepreneurs (in the area of low-cost housing) at the same time. Moladi’s success in over 20 countries shows that affordable housing is an important key in finding solutions to promoting security and alleviating poverty. – Read more

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