Economic development. Can politicians create jobs?

Economic development. Can politicians create jobs?

Youth unemployment a global issue - A threat or an opportunity? Does our schooling system create unemployed youth after grade 12? Should we relook at the antiquated 1900 English curriculum? Should we not cater for children who are not mathematical or scientifically inclined? Should we not teach basic skills such as food production and artisans to build homes.

Did Maslow not state "basic fundamental needs - FOOD and SHELTER? JOBS are created producing these vital commodities
Decent quality housing is one of the key factors in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. It is not just about putting a roof over someone’s head. Academic research proves that access to a clean and stable home implicates an improvement in security, health and education. Moladi, a South African based company established in 1986, makes housing accessible to low-income people through innovative and eco-friendly technology.

Moladi combines construction with economic development and skills development. With the motto “Train the unemployed to build for the homeless” The company offers training locally for the unemployed thereby creating entrepreneurs who in turn offer jobs to the unemployed South Africans and empowering the community as a whole. Due to the simplicity of the approach, construction techniques and skills can be transferred in a short time. In this way, the communities benefit from affordable shelter and skilled entrepreneurs (in the area of low-cost housing) at the same time. Moladi’s success in over 20 countries shows that affordable housing is an important key in finding solutions to promoting security and alleviating poverty.

These skills that are require to “food” or to “shelter” will be developed at early school level. We believe that there should be three tiers of education and we propose to build two new classrooms options per school to take care of FOOD and the other SHELTER: The “Maslow Model” - Create enterprise at the base of the pyramid for the base of the pyramid.

Not all children are mathematically inclined and there are many trades/skills that do not need science and maths as a basis. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein

1. FOOD - Teach learners to plant and produce food
  1. Chickens
  2. Beef
  3. Milk
  4. Vegetables
  5. Wheat
  6. Chefs
  7. Entrepreneurs
  8. Etc.
2. SHELTER - Teach learners how to build
  1. Plumbers
  2. Painters
  3. Carpenters
  4. Masonry
  5. Moladi formwork
  6. Project Managers
  7. Quantity surveyors
  8. Draftsmen
  9. Entrepreneurs
  10. Etc.
3. CURRENT SYSTEM - Science and Mathematics
  1. Existing subjects and status quo
Currently in South Africa we have 800,000 graduates that are unemployed. This means we are producing unwanted skills at university level and these graduates are in the majority mathematically inclined/measured and still unemployed.

To answer the question – No, politicians cannot create jobs. They need business to create jobs and Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

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