Housing Africa - Shelter Afrique-World Bank-moladi

Housing Africa - Shelter Afrique-World Bank-moladi

Hennie Botes - keynote speaker
Hennie Botes and Hon. Daudi Migereko
Minister of Lands Housing and Urban Development Uganda

We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to Shelter
and the Cote D’Ivoire Ministry of Housing for providing Hennie Botes, CEO of moladi, the opportunity to present to the members, visitors and delegates during the 33rd Symposium held in Abidjan.
Moladi, an award winning South African based company established in 1986, makes housing accessible to low-income people through
innovative and eco-friendly reusable recycled plastic formwork technology.
African solution to an African problem


Hennie Botes - Daniel Kablan Duncan
Prime Minister of Cote d'Ivoire,
H.E Mr Daniel Kablan Duncan and Hennie Botes

world bank-moladi
Decent affordable housing is one of the key factors in the
fight against poverty and social exclusion. It is not just about putting a
roof over someone’s head. Academic research proves that access to a clean and
stable home implicates an improvement in security, health and education.

With the motto “Train the unemployed to build for the homeless”
moladi combines construction with economic development to bring
about change.
Presentation in Washington - "Housing For All"

Innovative new method of construction

Innovative new method of construction

TEAM moladi
Office: +27 41 379 2600
“Train the unemployed to build for the homeless – Fight poverty unemployment and crime through housing”

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