moladi in Abu Dhabi

moladi in Abu Dhabi


Moladi CEO, Mr Hennie Botes, has been invited to present the South African invention to “Innovate Change”. A solution for the delivery of quality affordable mass housing.

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is becoming a hotspot for constructions projects as more than $2 trillion has been awarded for this purpose for the next three years. In United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are about $75 billion worth of construction projects planned in Abu Dhabi in the next three years, along with numerous project opportunities in the Western Region. Prefabrication has not had a steady increase in its utilisation in the Middle East for commercial and residential projects; however, property and construction developers are looking at this as one of the ways to mobilise further growth.

Prefabrication and modular construction is taking a leap frog now as technologies, such as BIM, has enabled better integration of prefabricated/modular components as changes in design such as the emergence of green have made certain advantages of prefabrication/modularisation more important. Over the past decade, these processes developed a stigma of “cheapness” and “poor quality”. Through modern technology, that image has changed.

Modular Construction is designed to unleash the forefront in construction technology. It’s a key component to improve productivity in the construction industry. Constructing mega cities within months rather than years might not be a distinct possibility in the future. We seek to address key issues involved in driving high quality and sustainable construction solutions that are delivered at cheaper cost that provides significant benefits to owners. In short, the sheer amount of money to be made using this technology is unlimited if you play your cards right.

You are hereby cordially invited to attend this prestigious event in Abu Dhabi


• Winning support from government agencies

• Devising strategies on the integration of modular

• Implementing latest design and modular concepts

• Assessing the economic viability of modular construction

• Driving success in modular construction projects through successful case studies

To access the information the pdf is enclosed

To contact please call me as per the details on the pdf - Download the PDF Document

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