The ‘Henry Ford’ of mass housing - moladi

The ‘Henry Ford’ of mass housing - moladi

The Henry Ford of mass housing - moladi

The 'Henry Ford' of mass housing - moladi

Moladi is a construction system that harnesses an innovative reusable, recyclable and
lightweight plastic formwork as a mould, which is filled with an aerated mortar
(concrete without stone), to construct the walls of a house in as little as a
day. Each set of Moladi formwork panels can be reused 50 times, making the
technology cost-effective due to its repetitive application, and reducing the
time, labor and transportation cost of construction significantly. The Moladi
system produces durable and permanent structures in a production line process.

moladi moulding mass housing

moladi moulding mass housing production line

mass housing production line moladi

mass housing production line moladi

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