Cameron Dugmore Unemployment rises What are you doing to stem this?

Unemployment rate rises to 26,4%, Cameron Dugmore What are you doing to stem this?

Cameron Dugmore
Cameron Dugmore
Cameron Dugmore what are you at the National Development Plan doing to implement plans to stem the rise in unemployment? The NDP is supposed to implement actions to curb this sad state of affairs, but you seem to do nothing other than criticize the opposition party. This job has got nothing to do with politics it has to do with the people of South Africa. This you seem to have forgotten.

Why have you not responded to numerous request to meet and discuss a tool that can be implemented to kick-start the job creation drive?

You set a very bad example for the youth and unemployed in South Africa What a shame to Nelson Mandela who fought for freedom for all in South Africa, even the freedom of poverty.

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