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moladi construction technology is ideally suited for the reconstruction process of the more than 600,000 homes destroyed by the devastating earthquake in Nepal. We offer our support to help rebuild Nepal with better quality structures than brick.
Superior to brick structures - moladi is a reinforced monolithic cast in place structure
brick building collapse
Brick Building Collapse
More than three-quarters of the buildings in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, are uninhabitable or unsafe following the 7.9-magnitude earthquake nine days ago, a new survey has revealed.
“The sample is a random one and so representative of the city as a whole. The damage is bad. We are still discovering its extent and will have to do a full and thorough final assessment at some point,” said survey coordinator Drubha Thapa, president of the Nepali Engineers Association (NEA).

The new assessment indicates a much greater number of buildings will need repairing than previously estimated by the Nepalese government. Local officials have so far counted 153,000 buildings that are in ruins across the country, with another 170,000 damaged. The government of Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries, has already said
post-quake reconstruction may cost more than £6.5bn ($10bn).
Engineers have yet to survey rural areas where, though popular density is much lower, levels of destruction were much higher. Hundreds of villages in parts of Gorkha and Sindhulpalchowk districts, two of the worst hit, have been entirely destroyed.
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