moladi-Beyond Low cost housing

moladi-Beyond Low cost housing

moladi-Beyond Low cost housing
moladi has been appointed to develop a brand new City Centre in Africa. The project is seen as the beginning of a new era in the “moladi TEAM” approach. Not only is the professional TEAM made up of industry leaders but also supported by international funders that have extended an initial credit line of USD 10 Billion.
The focus of moladi has always been on affordable and low-income homes for the mass market. Due to the continuous improvements over nearly three decades moladi has emerged as a leader in the field of “producing” top quality structures in a very short period at a reduced price.
As moladi has developed a very strong footprint in Africa during this period, the natural progression in our product offering has always been to form strong alliances with local producers of materials and goods in order to further reduce costs. We are very excited in collaborating with various cement producers in Africa that see our operation as a strategic partner in the supply chain.

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