Brick Built Homes versus Innovative Building Technologies

Brick Homes versus innovative Building Technologies

Brick built homes do not fare well compared to new
innovative building technologies

Many Innovative Building Technologies (IBT) or Alternative Building Technologies (ABT) or non-masonry building systems, outstrip brick and mortar homes. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) rates brick homes 32nd out of 40 certified systems.

Brick Built Homes versus Innovative Building Technologies
moladi - innovative building technologies
moladi uses reusable lightweight plastic formwork to cast walls in place or insitu. The technology speeds up the construction process reducing cost, making homes stronger and affordable. For more information visit

Brick built homes - CSIR - Report

CSIR - Brick Built Homes Report versus Innovative Building Technologies

Injection moulded construction process - moladi vs. Brick and mortar

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