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Making Housing Affordable | moladi

Making Housing Affordable | moladi
Affordable Housing - moladi Making Housing Affordable

Affordable Housing - moladi Making Housing Affordable

moladi is able to control costs better by consolidating the supply chain. Its kit concept ensures that it controls costs by sourcing almost all components needed for a building site in one go, ensuring better control over prices and costs. Furthermore, says Hennie Botes, “the streamlined building process is designed in such a way that we can avoid expensive stoppages which are common on traditional building sites, where the builders have to wait for the electrician, then for the plumber, and new holes need to be drilled every time, wasting building material and time. Furthermore, “during the design process, precise weight and volume calculations can be made for all materials and components thanks to standardization, which simplifies project management and drastically reduces the wastage factor on site. Finally, the speed of construction effectively reduces other costs related to the hiring of equipment, labour requirements and transport. The cost savings achieved through this model can reach up to 35% compared to conventional building techniques.
Value Created
The essential element of Moladi’s value proposal lies in how its model purports to address what it considers to be the six key challenges faced by developing countries when it comes to housing:
• Lack of resources
• Insufficient funds
• Lack of skilled labour
• Time constraints
• Work flow control
• Waste management

We have already seen how Moladi has innovated by departing from a traditional brick building process. This innovation, aside from its inherent contribution to building technology, also allows Moladi to create value by eliminating what it considers to be inefficiencies in the traditional brick-based process. Moladi’s methodology to create value and make a profit is based on the following elements:
• Cost savings
• The lean production paradigm
• Boosting sales through a network of international agents / licensees
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