Housing - Calling entrepreneurs

Housing - Calling entrepreneurs

Housing - Calling entrepreneurs

What if we told you the solution to the 25% national unemployment statistic (36% youth unemployment) and the million-plus housing backlog was already in our back yard? And what if we told you jobless, unskilled South Africans could become entrepreneurs in the house building sector and be able to build homes in their communities at a fraction of the cost and in less than a week?

What would you say if we told you there is a company that is not only prepared to certify you, but to empower you too and give you a market, technology and the opportunity to grow personally and professionally?

Affordable Housing - Calling Entrepreneurs
Affordable Housing - Calling Entrepreneurs
“I cast a house in a mould, not a brick in a mould,” he says on the phone from his Port Elizabeth-based office. “I can plan where the windows will be, the trusses and the cast eliminates trades that come with brick construction.”

The Moladi construction system is as much about filling the basic need of housing as it is about creating sustainable entrepreneurs.

“In 2016 it is expensive to produce a house,” he says. “We need new technology to mass produce this product so consumers can afford to have their own homes.”

Botes explains that many of the systems in South Africa are outdated and that new, out-the-box thinking is required to solve the country’s challenges.

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