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Solution Thinking

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The status quo is not working for billions of poor or vulnerable people around the world.

The world today is grappling with enormous social, economic, and environmental challenges. Organizations across sectors - public, non-profit, multilateral, and private - are working to address issues ranging from poverty and malnutrition to social inequality and climate change. Yet social problems remain on a massive scale, particularly for the four billion around the world with incomes well below the Western poverty line.

The challenges facing poor or vulnerable populations require innovative, sustainable, and large-scale solutions.

Companies create shared value in three ways:

By reconceiving products and markets, or improving access to products and services that meet pressing societal needs and thereby create new market and revenue opportunities

By enhancing productivity in the value chain, or improving company operations to enhance quality, improve efficiency, or decrease risk while addressing a social issue

By building clusters and framework conditions to improve the operating environment affecting business and alleviate social problems

Improving supply of affordable housing by developing creative business models that lower the cost of housing units

Providing appropriate financing to qualified low-income individuals for new homes

Providing self-builders with complementary value-added services along with construction materials

Developing technical and life skills of low-income, unskilled populations and equipping them to be employed by the construction industry

Solution Thinking - moladi
Solution Thinking - moladi


Jobs for the unemployed

Food for the hungry

Shelter for the homeless


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