Agrément certified building system Bank approved NHBRC

Agrément certified building system Bank approved NHBRC

Agrément certified building system
- Bank approved - NHBRC

Agrément certified Affordable Housing building system

Agrément certified building system
Agrément certified building system - moladi

Established in 1986, moladi has developed construction technology addressing the basic need for durable quality housing which is a viable affordable alternative to traditional building methods.
Representing the most advanced technology and innovations in industrial construction of affordable low-cost housing, schools clinics and other structures, with years of experience in the industry our knowledge has inspired subsequent ulterior solutions for development.

Lack of resources, insufficient funds, skills shortage, time constraints, work flow control and waste are key challenges embodied in affordable housing shortages. Our technology addresses these issues and this is why individuals and organisations recognise moladi as the solution to housing needs throughout the world.

With the help of locally trained unskilled labour, the conduits, electricity, trusses, doors and windows are strategically cast in situ which eliminates the need for chasing or beam filling, which
greatly reduces waste. The use of unskilled labour aids in job creation and the transference of skills and technology promotes development within under privileged communities.
Having undergone and passed rigorous testing by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), we have received numerous awards for our high standards in innovation.

Constituting a lightweight patented, reusable, recyclable plastic formwork system and SABS approved lightweight aerated mortar (which holds Agrément Certificate 94/231) the results are durable, permanent reinforced mortar structures of the highest quality and which is certified by the National Home Builders Regulation Council and bonded by top financial institutions.

The moladi technology is easily adaptable to the specified design requirements and is suitable for all types of buildings, yet highly suited for use in the mass housing markets; successfully alleviating
many of the logistical problems facing the construction of affordable repetitive housing projects.

By utilising indigenous materials the benefits of the technology are spread to local communities. With a highly developed and reliable technology like moladi, the simplicity of the construction process allows for the ownership of a home to be within reach to many thousands of people. By applying the highest quality standards and a disciplined approach to the construction method, the cost of the entire housing delivery process is lowered, without it negatively impacting on the quality or social acceptability of the structure.
moladi has been specifically designed and proven to deliver a fast track, cost-effective and easily transferable technology.
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Agrément certified building system moladi construction technology affordable building system

Agrément certified building system moladi
Agrément certified building system - moladi
    Agrément certified building system Construction building technology

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