Frugal Innovation

Frugal Innovation

Frugal Innovation

Frugal Innovation - moladi

Affordable Housing

Frugal innovation or frugal engineering is the process of reducing the complexity and cost of a good and its production. - Housing Construction System

Frugal Innovation

“Frugal Innovation” proposes a breakthrough approach to solving some of
the most pressing issues of our global economy as it empowers human
beings to use their creativity to generate economic and social value
while preserving the environment.

"Frugal innovation is a critical business strategy for companies to
prosper in a world where customers are both value-conscious and
values-oriented. It challenges Western companies to create high quality
products that are affordable and sustainable as well as desirable and
meaningful for end-users."- Carol L. Cone

Frugal innovation - housing

Shelter - Housing the base of the pyramid - Low cost housing

Shelter - Housing the base of the pyramid - Low cost housing

Maslow's hierarchy of needs - Jobs for the unemployed Food for the hungry Shelter for the homeless - Housing the "Base of the Pyramid" - Low Cost Housing

For more information on moladi and its approach to Frugal principals - moladi - A "TOOL" to empower people to help themselves Read more

In Japan, particularly in dense cities like Tokyo, many first home buyers have the option to buy apartments as small as they like, even a 9sq m home where the occupant can touch both ends of the apartment by stretching out their arms.

While extreme - many standard apartments in Tokyo were about 20sq m, a far cry from NSW one-room standard of 50sq m or in Victoria, a minimum of 37sq m for studios and one-bedroom apartments - these "one-room mansions" as they are known in Japan allow Japanese first home buyers to afford a home. Remove minimum limits on house or apartment size - Australia

Cost of Brick built homes are beyond most buyers

Instead of changing the building process they are changing the financing options by extending the loan term to 35 years...

The solution...."replace the horse and carriage with Model T" #moladi


Reduce cost of housing construction

Future of Construction - World Economic Forum - Project funded by the World Bank

moladi building system-World Economic Forum

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What is the cost to 3D print a house?

Brick and Mortar vs. Injection Moulded Construction System - moladi

LOW COST HOUSING design concept