Bridging the Construction Divide

Bridging the Construction Divide - moladi

Bridging the Construction Divide

Bridging the Construction Divide

The Great Construction Divide: Traditional and Modern Construction Techniques

"When there is a revolution in building materials, there will be a revolution in architecture again' - Reinier de Graaf

Simplicity is Genius

This is the what moladi is bringing to the industry - "A revolution in building materials - A revolution in approach to the home building industry - A modern Construction Technique.

Moladi Construction System aims to address that magnificent challenge by providing a scalable, low-tech and low-skilled affordable building solution using in-situ casting. Founded in 1986 by South African social entrepreneur Hennie Botes, the company aims to replace the classic brick-and-mortar construction with an easier method: using lightweight, removable and re-usable plastic formwork that are filled with a patented fast setting aerated mortar to cast entire houses on-site. The process is deliberately designed to be labor intensive and mostly uses local supplies (apart from the reusable formwork and a special admixture) to boost local employment and local production without requiring prior construction experience. Read more - World Economic Forum - Future of Construction

Reinier de Graaf (Author: Four Walls and a Roof – The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession)

Was it worth it, becoming an architect? - “Architecture is in a State of Denial
"I would not advise my children to go into the profession. There are more interesting topics to pursue in this day and age, and architecture is ultimately an old-fashioned discipline. There is nothing wrong with that, there is a need for an arriere-garde. I get very tired of an architecture that desperately tries to stay up-to-date with computer forms. The essence of the digital is that it is the digital. It is a revolution in another domain, and not per se in building materials. When there is a revolution in building materials, there will be a revolution in architecture again. Until that moment, we ought to be happy being the enablers of other intellectual and technological revolutions. The most forward-thinking thing to do about architecture today is a kind of reflection on what it actually means."

The Model M in the construction and assembly line process of affordable housing for the base of the pyramid  - The builder of the future

Link to PowerPoint presentation - Affordable Housing
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