Disrupting the construction industry with new technology

Disrupting the construction industry with new technology

disrupting the construction industry with new technology
Disrupting the construction industry with new technology
Disrupting the construction industry with new technology

Confirmation that #moladi is a leader in the field of disrupting the construction industry with new technology (1986). The World Economic Forum published an article on moladi in March 2017 The future of construction is here - "6 buildings that are revolutionizing the construction industry" Link to moladi article - Disrupting the Construction industry with new teachnology

How to build social amenities faster and more affordably

Creating low-cost housing and social infrastructure is a challenge across the globe. A project to create much-needed courthouses in Tanzania may have shown a way ahead.

The Moladi construction system replaces the cumbersome bricklaying process with an approach akin to injection moulding. Workers erect the building’s frame with reusable plastic panels, leaving wall cavities which – once the windows, doors, wiring and pipework have been put in – are filled with a fast-setting, aerated mortar.

The building process can be monitored by just one qualified supervisor who manages local workmen with no prior construction experience or skills.

The first project, Kibaha District Courthouse, was built for $250 per square metre, which is half the cost of conventional methods. It took six months to complete when it might typically have taken up to three years using traditional methods. On the back of this success, the Tanzanian government has committed to building another 11 district courthouses using this method.

Disrupting the construction industry with new technology

moladi model m
moladi - modelM
The product to stimulate the economy in 1920 was Henry Ford’s Model T - Far removed from Maslow's hierarchy of needs - Not "Food and Ford" but "Food and Shelter" and a job producing product. Combining economic development, the high unemployment rate and skills development, not being provided nor addressed in an antiquated education system, our goal is to stimulate the economy by "producing Model M" A home… A basic need and thereby stimulating economy and the secondary supply chain taking advantage of local resources creating production of locally produced goods.

modular plastic formwork
Conventional construction vs moladi construction process - Link

Disruptive technology challenging the status quo 

Social entrepreneurs apply disruptive technology, innovative and sustainable approach to benefit society in general, with an emphasis on those who are marginalized and poor, challenging the status quo. Link

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