modular plastic formwork

modular plastic formwork
modular plastic formwork

Modular Plastic Formwork

moladi plastic formwork construction method was established in 1986 and is a global leader in innovative plastic formwork design for the use of producing mass housing or low cost housing or affordable housing construction.

Modular Plastic Formwork System

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  • Responsible Business Forum – UNDP – Sustainable Development Goals – Reduce Inequalities

  • World Economic Forum – Future of Construction – World Bank: moladi operating in 24 countries Case Study

  • Reduce cost of Affordable Housing #BOP market – Link

  • How to get the unemployed working and the homeless sheltered – JOBS FOOD through SHELTER - Link

  • Finweek – The Builder of the Future - Link

  • Social Innovation - Social Entrepreneur - Link
For more information visit moladi

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