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Moosa Ebrahim - DTI

Moosa Ebrahim - Head of Ministry at Department of Trade and Industry.

Moosa Ebrahim - Chief of Staff - Head of Ministry at Department of Trade and Industry

A summary of interacting with Mr Moosa Ebrahim

The reason we wish to engage Minister Rob Davies is to help solve our countries burning issues and support President Cyril Ramaphosa in his massive task to get the economy growing – Riots, poverty, unemployment, job creation and housing. We believe that a holistic approach is needed to get “South Africa Working”. 

Sequence of events
  • 25 May 2018 - Hennie wrote to Minister Rob Davies - Requesting an opportunity to  meet and discuss the holistic proposal- Copy of original correspondence - Link
  • 13 June - Received a phone call from Moosa Ebrahim
  • 15 June - Copy of original correspondence sent - Link
  • 30 July - Copy of original correspondence sent - Link
Purely out of public interest and to voice our frustration at working with self-centred bureaucrats in government departments, we have decided to make public our interaction with Mr Moosa Ebrahim. This is done in order to highlight the fact that the staff that are supposed to be proactive in supporting President Cyril Ramaphosa's drive to create jobs are now resorting to the proverbial "race card" in order to justify closing the door on interacting with the private sector - Key to the development of a PPP relationship. A selfish, small minded personality that inhibits the upliftment and empowerment of millions of South Africans.

This behaviour is unfortunately common in government departments and we feel it needs to be highlighted in order for it to be addressed.

As a final interaction Mr Moosa Ebrahim, we would like to share a very eloquent narrative of Retired Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke during the Life Esidimeni hearings. Link to video - Maybe you can learn from this.

To date - No response from either Minister Davies nor Moosa Ebrahim.

Extract of email to Minister Davies

"Never was there any suggestion or reference to race nor any racial slurs during the conversation from either party and I am appalled by his absolute unfounded accusation that I racially abused him and that my attitude is racist."

"This has completely redirected and damaged the purpose of communication with your office. We have a heart and desire to participate in raising the quality of life of the millions of impoverished and despondent people of our country, alongside the government. We have taken some initiative to already donate houses and classrooms to communities in order to make some sort of difference, but the sad reality is that the sheer scale of the problem requires public and private partnerships to work together in order to make a meaningful and lasting impact. We have forged strong relationships with many many South Africans, of all races and creeds and economic standing. However, pessimistic and negative persons do not serve any purpose.

Moosa Ebrahim - Chief of staff-Head of Ministry at Department of Trade and Industry.

Moosa Ebrahim - Chief of Staff - Head of Ministry at Department of Trade and Industry.

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