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Creating Job Creators

Creating Job Creators

Creating Job Creators

The South African Crisis: 1994 - 2019

14% cannot afford to by food
10.2 million unemployed - 27%
3.2 million housing backlog

A #Jobsummit was convened in Midrand and many referred to it as a failure to address the real issues. - "Sara Gon writes on the misdirected resolutions of the Jobs Summit" - "The Jobs Summit discussed many things, but job creation was not one of them. That is because jobs can’t be created – businesses have to be created, which will then create jobs. And there was little apparent discussion of how best to create or grow businesses."

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HOW to get the unemployed working?

South Africa needs to create jobs to fight high unemployment. What product can be "produced" to stimulate job creation, skills development and stimulate entrepreneurship? How can people outside the economy be brought back into the economy? What can be done to create job creators - EmpowerPeople to help themselves
Connecting the dots… Create job creators

moladi has developed an international award winning low cost housing construction technology to do exactly what is lacking - create businesses and cooperatives that would create jobs. Addressing the huge deficit in affordable housing, classrooms etc.

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Social entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs apply a practical, innovative and sustainable approach to benefit society in general, with an emphasis on those who are marginalized and poor. Link

Small is Beautiful 

It was Dr Ernst Friedrich Schumacher who coined the term “Small is Beautiful”. The economist and philosopher wanted to stress that small-scale technologies are the ones needed in the fight against poverty. These solutions have great advantages: they can be implemented with local resources and skills and they are affordable – which makes them tools that empower people to help themselves. Link 

The impact of appropriate technology becomes particularly noticeable when innovative solutions are used and promoted by social entrepreneurs who put social impact at the heart of their business. The combination of low-cost technology and social entrepreneurship can have far-reaching implications for thousands of lives. Creating jobs, stimulating ownership confidence and the spirit of innovation - this is what social businesses are looking for. Appropriate technical solutions, such as low cost housing, improve life quality and can give the initial push for development. - Link

World economic forum - moladi

moladi has assembled a champion TEAM consisting of experts in their field i.e. Engineers, Architects, Town planners, Training Facilitators, Manufacturers, Financiers, etc.

We wish to assist President Ramaphosa in addressing three crucial issues he is facing. The 9.6 million unemployed, the 3 million housing backlog and the shortage of schools and ablution facilities.

moladi is able to monetize  the housing backlog, bringing capital into our fiscus, kick-starting the NDP to capitalise on addressing the need by establish production facilities, entrepreneurs who in turn will create jobs producing components (window and door frames etc.), the homes, schools, classroom, ablutions, etc.  

The critical role the private sector can play working in partnership with civic organisation, government departments, Ministries and political leadership is crucial and needs to be brought into the fold. Formulating a strategic directive allowing all Ministries to participate in a common goal impacting all provinces nationally. #ThumaMina

The moladi Process of construction

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