No Brick Building System - moladi

Build without brick and block - Formwork

Moladi plastic formwork system has eliminated the need for bricks or blocks to be used to build walls of a house, school, classroom or any other building structure as a matter of fact. Eliminating expensive transport cost, waste, rework, mortar between bricks or blocks, and very costly plaster or rendering. Because of the simplistic manner of casting a wall all need to chase the wall after building is now not necessary – translated as a further reduction in cost of production – or rather reducing the cost of construction

Build without brick and block

Build without brick and block
Build without brick and block - Formwork solution

moladi – Brickless Building System
In order to challenge the huge cost of transport of bricks and blocks to a construction site, some contractors believed cost could be reduced by producing hydraulic formed brick and block on site using mobile manual or hydraulic machines.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Cannot get a different result using brick and mortar
Implementing moladi re-usable re-cycled plastic formwork system or as we coined the term “Brickless Building System” eliminates the need for bricks or blocks and mortar or even hydraulic formed brick and block machines – This in turn relates to “Cost Effective Building” - producing the walls of the structure without traditional bricks or blocks - Eliminate the use of mobile interlock block forming machine to form blocks or bricks - no transport costs - no mortar required as there are no blocks or bricks -nor soil cement block production machines required on site as the formwork creates one big brick or block without the need to plaster

Brickless building system - no blocks no bricks no soil bricks no hydraulic forming machines - rather a formwork machine producing one big block in one day or many shells of many houses in one day with many sets of moladi formwork kits

Soil cement block production has all the trappings of conventional brick or block:

Waste - rework – plaster – skills – skew walls – chasing for services, beam filling between trusses, plaster, water proof issues, location of window and door frames as skill required to plaster these items in position
The foundation is still required to carry a non-load bearing wall as bricks and blocks are not load bearing due to the way they are laid one on top of the other with mortar that is at times only 1 to 2 MPa strong

Brick Making Machine Block Machinery
moladi - Brick Making Machine - Block Machinery
Moladi – a world leader in challenging traditional antiquated masonry construction and the manufacture of mechanical electrical or hydraulic block machines, shifting the production bottleneck to the skills needed on site to lay the bricks or blocks fast enough to curb construction cost – the bottleneck is not producing 500 or 6000 interlock stabilised soil bricks or blocks per day with either manual or hydraulic mobile production machines, but producing a wall for a structure
Brickless building system - moladi

Brickless building system - moladi

Cost Effective Building – with moladi re-usable plastic formwork system

Build without brick and block - moladi formwork

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