Dr Wilmot James - Why Wilmot James of the DA will not get my vote

Dr Wilmot James - Why Wilmot James of the DA will not get my vote

Wilmot James
Dr Wilmot James
It is my personal opinion that Wilmot James does not have what it takes to be in leadership as he lacks fundamental qualities: My interaction with Wilmot James proved to me that he is a two-faced, volatile and an egotistical individual. Dr James did not respond to the numerous emails sent, which indicates and portrays his arrogance. Secondly, does he really care about the unemployed in our country? Tonight on TV (27 April), in order to win votes, he says that job creation is his priority.

Hahahaha…. No Dr Wilmot James, I have seen right through your fa├žade and do not believe that you are a sincere person, never mind a leader and you do not have the unemployed of South Africa at heart.

Reminds me of William Shakespeare’s quote “Talkers are no good doers”

The information below was sent to Mrs Helen Zille on the 18 November 2013:

From: moladi

18 November 2013 01:26 PM

leader@da.org.za; 'headoffice@da.org.za'


Subject: My DA experience

Dear Mrs Helen Zille

In September 2011, a meeting  was requested by Dr Wilmot James (via Twitter) to meet with him to discuss what we as moladi do. Fundamentally we “train the unemployed to build for the homeless”.  I duly contacted his secretary Marilyn Quarrie Marilynq@da.org.za (see attached email correspondence) on the 15 September 2011 requesting a meeting with Dr James.

More than a month lapsed without feedback. On the 7 October 2011 I was in Cape Town to renew my American visa.
I had been invited by the Smithsonian Institute to exhibit moladi at the United Nations in New York. I called Ms Quarrie and advised her that I was in Cape Town for a few days and asked her if it was possible to set up the long  outstanding meeting with Dr James. This request met with no response. I again communicated with  Dr James via Facebook on the 14 January 2013, but to no avail. It was then that I approached Mr Douglas Gibson to intervene in an attempt to set up a meeting with Dr James.

I did receive a call from a very rude and angered Dr James the next day, however the conversation did not last long as he simply hung up on me. I believe one of the factors that angered him was the fact that Mr Gibson asked him to contact me. I can elaborate on this if required.

The proposal discussed, or rather that I tried to discuss, with Dr James was job creation and education – Fight poverty and unemployment in the classroom and Job Creation in South Africa

I believed that the DA was as passionate as I am to fight unemployment and homelessness and to improve our education system.  This does not seem to be the case. I am extremely disappointed in the attitude displayed by senior officials in the DA.

Business and industry pay the taxes for politicians and government officials to function, yet it seems your staff does not see the importance of generating business and creating job opportunities. The capacity to “Train the unemployed to build for the homeless” will transform South Africa.  Combining social development with economic development, addressing burgeoning and critical issues in South Africa - Crime, Education, Unemployment and lack of housing etc.

Wilmot James
Wilmot James Twitter

Mail received – but NO response from Dr Wilmot James to date
From: Leader [mailto:leader@da.org.za]

18 November 2013 02:04 PM


Marilyn Quarrie; moladi

Subject: FW: My DA experience

Hon. Dr W. James
Your attention is drawn to the email below, received by the Leaders’ Office, for your consideration.
Kind Regards

Liaison Officer

Democratic Alliance | Leader's Office | National Head Office
Tel: 021 465 1431

Fax: 086 558 5899


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