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Cameron Dugmore Unemployment rises What are you doing to stem this?

Unemployment rate rises to 26,4%, Cameron Dugmore What are you doing to stem this?

Cameron Dugmore what are you at the National Development Plan doing to implement plans to stem the rise in unemployment? The NDP is supposed to implement actions to curb this sad state of affairs, but you seem to do nothing other than criticize the opposition party. This job has got nothing to do with politics it has to do with the people of South Africa. This you seem to have forgotten.

Why have you not responded to numerous request to meet and discuss a tool that can be implemented to kick-start the job creation drive?

You set a very bad example for the youth and unemployed in South Africa What a shame to Nelson Mandela who fought for freedom for all in South Africa, even the freedom of poverty.

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Moladi Formwork


Creative Destruction-moladi

Creative Destruction-moladi

According to Schumpeter, creative destruction describes the
"process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the
economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one

We see moladi as an Economic Innovation to establish scalable sustainable projects that will eradicate poverty through social entrepreneurship, creating new tools for todays problems – EmpowerPEOPLE - With the motto “Train the
unemployed to build for the homeless” moladicombines construction with economic sustainable development – Read more at Imagination For People - Social Innovation for the Bottom of the Pyramid and Fight poverty and unemployment in the classroom
Our goal is to "destroy" the old brick and mortar or masonry construction process and create a new moladi Cast-in-Place Structures process. Read more

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Reconstruction in Nepal - Houses

Reconstruction in Nepal - Homes Houses Schools

Reconstruction - Nepal Earthquake - foreign support for reconstruction

moladi construction technology is ideally suited for the reconstruction process of the more than 600,000 homes destroyed by the devastating earthquake in Nepal. We offer our support to help rebuild Nepal with better quality structures than brick. Superior to brick structures - moladi is a reinforced monolithic cast in place structure Brick Building Collapse More than three-quarters of the buildings in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, are uninhabitable or unsafe following the 7.9-magnitude earthquake nine days ago, a new survey has revealed. “The sample is a random one and so representative of the city as a whole. The damage is bad. We are still discovering its extent and will have to do a full and thorough final assessment at some point,” said survey coordinator Drubha Thapa, president of the Nepali Engineers Ass…

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Low cost affordable housing

LOW COST HOUSING design concept