Social Entrepreneur - Disruptive Technology

Social Entrepreneur - Disruptive Technology 

Social Entrepreneur Implementing Disruptive Technology

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is applying practical, innovative and sustainable approaches to benefit society in general, with an emphasis on those who are marginalized and poor.

Social Innovation - Social entrepreneur

Dr Peter Frumkin the Mindy and Andrew Heyer Chair in Social Policy, Director of the Master's in Non-profit Leadership Program, and Faculty Director of the Center for Social Impact Strategy, all at the University of Pennsylvania

Social Innovation

example of social innovation

Social Entrepreneur - Hennie Botes - Inventor of moladi

Social Entrepreneur Hennie Botes invented moladi to #empowerPeople to help themselves - Not for People, but with People.

Hennie Botes - Job Creator

Housing crisis - Unemployment crisis
The world is experiencing a global housing crisis. About 1.6 billion people globally live in substandard housing and 100 million are homeless, according to the United Nations. If no serious action is taken, the United Nations reports that the number of slum dwellers worldwide will increase over the next 30 years to nearly 2 billion. Despite the progress in meeting low cost housing in Africa, UN agency Habitat, says that the continent requires 4 million units per year to cover its low cost housing needs.

Poverty housing affects people’s health and well-being, their job prospects and ability to make a living. It locks people into a cycle of poverty. It also holds children back from fulfilling their potential: children living in bad housing are more likely to suffer from serious health problems, to have learning difficulties and miss school and to face unemployment and poverty later in life. The impact on children’s development is both immediate and long-term. Growing up in poor or overcrowded housing has been found to have a lasting impact on a child’s health and well-being throughout their life. Housing at minimum cost meaning lowering the cost of construction – Advantage of economies of scale

How to bring decent low cost housing to poor communities?disruptive technology

A house in a box - Disruptive Technology

Appropriate Technology

Appropriate technology is an ideological movement that involves small-scale, labour-intensive, energy efficient, environmentally sound projects.

Small is Beautiful
It was Dr Ernst Friedrich Schumacher who coined the term “Small is Beautiful”. The economist and philosopher wanted to stress that small-scale technologies are the ones needed in the fight against poverty. These solutions have great advantages: they can be implemented with local resources and skills and they are affordable – which makes them tools that empower people to help themselves. Link

The impact of appropriate technology becomes particularly noticeable when innovative solutions are used and promoted by social entrepreneurs who put social impact at the heart of their business. The combination of low-cost technology and social entrepreneurship can have far-reaching implications for thousands of lives. Creating jobs, stimulating ownership confidence and the spirit of innovation - this is what social businesses are looking for. Appropriate technical solutions, such as low cost housing, improve life quality and can give the initial push for development. - Link

Click on the video below to see the simplistic construction process - The modelM of mass housing

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South Africa

9.4 MILLION UNEMPLOYED - Skills development


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