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Moosa Ebrahim - Interaction with Moosa Ebrahim - moladi

Moosa Ebrahim - DTI
A summary of interacting with Mr Moosa Ebrahim

The reason we wish to engage Minister Rob Davies is to help solve our countries burning issues and support President Cyril Ramaphosa in his massive task to get the economy growing – Riots, poverty, unemployment, job creation and housing. We believe that a holistic approach i

ANC "Pew warmers" are not only in churches

ANC..."Pew warmers" are not only in churches...

25 July 2018
Sent September 2011
What's changed in 7 years? More corruption – More unemployed – More crime – More state employed – More grants – More angry youth 
Re: Nedlac: Werklikhede moet erken word - veronderstel om ’n vertoonvenster en bestekopname te wees van dialoog tussen die “maatskaplike vennote”, naamlik die georganiseerde sakesektor, die vakbondbeweging en die regering – die sogenaamde goue driehoek wat so ’n groot rol gespeel het in die heropbou van Europa ná die Tweede Wêreldoorlog.”
In short the above refers to PPP (Posted so long ago, some links are no longer pointing to the referenced article) 
Based on this premise, I sent the mail below on the 6 September, to assist in achieving the goal to create jobs, but to date, not one reply from one of the recipients depicted!
The objective of the communiqué - “To get South Africa (Pty) Ltd working”
Question regarding those that did not respond:

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