Alternative building materials for low cost housing - ABT

 Alternative building materials for low cost housing - ABT

Alternative building materials for low cost housing - ABT

#EmpoweringPEOPLE to help themselves:
Address the millions of homes required by creating jobs for the millions unemployment.

Empowering PEOPLE to help themselves
Empowering PEOPLE to help themselves 

The value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals. Link

moladi is a developer of innovative products and a global supplier of a proven disruptive technology to contractors and the community at large. Cooperatives are established and the unemployed in the community are trained to implement the simplistic moladi process of construction, producing a house in a day.   

Using technology to assist in reducing poverty and many more of the #SDGs goals in more than 20 countries  - Link

Below are some examples of projects that moladi has completed in our 33 year of development of disruptive award winning technology.

EmpoweringPEOPLE to help themselves

Alternative building materials

Cooperatives – Township Economy – Social Economy - Link

Empowering People to help themselves
Empowering People to help themselves #EmpoweringPEOPLE 

Small is Beautiful - Appropriate Technology Link

Appropriate Technology

small is beautiful - moladi

moladi was established in 1986 and our first home constructed in 1987 The photo below was taken in 2021

moladi was an awarded winner in 2006 - NHBRC - ABSA - Eric Molobi Innovation Hub - Agrément Certification


Some of our projects in the more than 20 countries we export to.

Trinidad and Tobago


Court Houses Funded by the World Bank


Parklands– Cape Town– Bonded by ABSA & FNB




Classrooms for Gauteng Education Department

Classrooms for Western Cape Education Department

Classrooms for Northern Cape Education Department

Room for rent – Starter Home For under $2,000
Multi Storey - moladiPOD

A tool to empower people to help themselves | Sustainable Development Goals - Link

moladi - SDGs
moladi - SDGs
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Office: +27 41 379 2600

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LOW COST HOUSING design concept

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